USA: Terrifying reports of mass graves in Ukraine

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby called the reports of a mass grave of more than 440 bodies in the city of Izium in eastern Ukraine recovered from the hands of the Russian military “terrifying”.

It is unfortunately matches the corruption and brutality with which the Russian armed forces are at war against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people Kirby said, quoted on Friday by the DPA.

Kirby said it was becoming more and more obvious what Russian President Vladimir Putin and his troops are capable of.

John Kirby assured that the US government will continue to support efforts to document Russian atrocities and war crimes to hold those behind them accountable.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, supported the initiative sending a UN mission to the mass burial site near Izium in the Kharkiv regiondiscovered after the city was liberated from Russian occupation.

Zelenskiy said that crimes are being detected in the Kharkiv region and that investigators are currently working there. He emphasized that places where local residents and foreigners were imprisoned and mistreated during the occupation have been found. He explained that these were the foreigners students from Sri Lanka who studied in Ukrainian Kupiansk. They were captured by the Russians and imprisoned in March. Now they were released and given medical attention.

The world should react to all of this. Russia repeated in Izium what it had done in Bucza. Only now have we started to find out the whole truth about what was happening in this part of the Kharkiv region – said the Ukrainian president.

It is good that in the UN structures they are already preparing a group that will go to this place near Izium, who will see and tell everyone in the organization what the Russian terrorists have been doing. Zelenskiy said.

He assured journalists that they would have full access to the torture rooms discovered in the Kharkiv region.

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