USA. Reuters: new aid package for Ukraine, $ 12 billion budget

US $ 12 billion – this is the amount of the initial aid package for Ukraine has been agreed by US congressmen. This was reported by the Reuters agency. $ 4.5 billion of these funds was allocated to the transfer of US military equipment.

Congressmen conducting budget negotiations agreed on the initial shape of a new package of aid expenditures Ukraine of about $ 12 billion, the Reuters news agency said on Monday. The new amount is slightly higher than the amount requested by the White House at the beginning of September. $ 4.5 billion of this pool is allocated to the handover of military inventory USA.

The White House originally asked for $ 11.7 billion and an additional $ 2 billion in energy security aid. According to the source cited by the agency, the package also included money for the settlement of refugees from Afghanistan.

American howitzers used by the Ukrainian army in KharkivReuters Archive

A new aid package for Ukraine

As spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre then explained, $ 4.5 billion of these funds was allocated to the transfer of US military equipment, and an additional $ 2.7 billion to support military intelligence and other military aid.

The White House wants to spend another $ 4.5 billion on direct financial aid for Kiev. In addition, the US administration has applied for $ 2 billion to mitigate the effects of the war on Ukrainian energy resources. It is not yet clear whether Congress’s draft will also cover this amount.

The money for Ukraine – intended for the last quarter of this year – is to be included in the provisional budget that must be passed by Congress before the end of the current fiscal year, that is, before September 30. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Congress has passed two packages of measures for Ukraine totaling more than $ 50 billion.

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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