USA. Causes of the sudden death of actress Charlbi Dean

USA.  Causes of the sudden death of actress Charlbi Dean

USA. Causes of the sudden death of actress Charlbi Dean

The cause of death of Charlbi Dean was sepsis, according to the New York coroner. The South African actress and model was allegedly infected with a bacterium particularly dangerous for people without a spleen. Meanwhile, Dean had this organ removed after a car accident several years ago.

The 32-year-old actress died on August 29 in a hospital in New York. Dean’s representatives then stated that the cause of her “devastating” death was “sudden, unexpected illness”. “Charlbi Dean was a rising star. The loss is huge,” said Peter Bradshaw of the British newspaper “The Guardian”. Film critic Robert Daniels tweeted that the news of Dean’s death was “very tragic”. Almost four months after those tragic events, the cause of death of the star has just been announced.

Illness and causes of death of Charlbi Dean

A spokesman for the New York forensic doctor on Wednesday, December 21, in an interview with People magazine, said that the cause of death of the actress was sepsis. Sudden infection was to cause complications related to asplenia, i.e. the absence of the spleen. Dean developed sepsis after being infected with the bacteria Capnocytophaga, usually occurring in in the mouths of dogs and cats. Infections are rare, but people with autoimmune diseases and asplenia are particularly at risk.

The service “Deadline” reminded that Charlbi Dean was involved in a serious car accident in 2009. She suffered broken ribs and spine, and underwent surgery to remove her spleen.

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It’s not clear if it was the animal’s bite or lick that caused the actress to develop the infection, as the coroner has not made the full autopsy records public. Dean’s brother, Alex Jacobs, a few days after her death, admitted that his sister began experiencing “minor” symptoms of the disease shortly before her death: she complained of headache and drowsiness. “It literally happened in one day,” Jacobs recalled in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Charlbi Dean was the star of the Palme d’Or award-winning film

Charlbi Dean was born and raised in Cape Town. She took her first steps in modeling when she was a child. She has appeared on the covers of the South African editions of GQ and Elle magazines. She made her acting debut in 2010’s Spud, co-starring Troye Sivan and John Cleese. Dean also appeared in such films as “Death Race 3: Hell”, “Don’t Sleep” and the series “Black Lightning”.

Still from the film “In the Triangle”, dir. Ruben Ostlund Festival de Cannes

It was a breakthrough in her career role in the film “In a triangle” directed by Ruben Oestlundawarded this year with the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

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