USA. A search at the house of Donald Trump. The court released the warrant and confirmed the receipt of top-secret documents

A federal court issued a search warrant on Donald Trump’s Florida property on Friday. Documents show that the former US president is suspected of breaking the espionage law, and FBI agents have taken top secret documents from his home.

The search warrant for Trump’s property was made public by federal judge Bruce Reinholt. The documents show that the former president USA suspected of breaching the Espionage Act, and FBI agents have taken top secret documents from his home.

Trump agreed

The publication of the documents – the search warrant and the protocol of the taken items – was made at the request of the prosecutor general and with the consent of the former president himself. The order allows for the confiscation of “all physical documents constituting evidence, contraband, fruit of crime or other illegally possessed items” in violation of three provisions of the Criminal Code, including the Espionage Act.

Donald Trump mansion searchPAP / EPA / JIM RASSOL

Among other things, the rules cover the retention of documents containing national defense-related information that “may harm the United States or help an enemy.” The order also allows for the confiscation of “evidence of knowingly altering, destroying or concealing” official documents.

If an order is issued, the judge has found that there are sound grounds to suspect that the former president may have broken these laws.

Highest security classification

The record of confiscated items lists 26 boxes, one of which contains a set of TS / SCI (Top Secret / Senstive Compartmented Information) documents, four “top secret”, three “secret” and three “confidential”.

Services outside Donald Trump’s Florida estatePAP / EPA / CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH

Among the other subjects there is also a document called “Info on the president France“, handwritten notes, photos, or just” documents “. Donald Trump previously claimed to have declassified all documents in his possession prior to leaving the White House, however it is unclear whether he did so in accordance with the regulations.

It is also unclear whether the seized documents included those relating to nuclear weapons. On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that investigators had such suspicions.

Trump’s response to allegations of violating the espionage law

On Friday, Trump called the reports a “hoax”. In a later statement, he also wrote: “President Barack Hussein Obama seized 33 million pages of documents, many of them classified. How many were nuclear related? They say many.”

Donald TrumpShutterstock

Donald Trump thus referred to the more than 30 million documents the National Archives voluntarily sent to Chicago for the Obama presidential library that is being created.

The National Archives Administration (NARA) shortly thereafter issued a statement in which it denied that the documents contained a confidentiality clause. She also added that she is in charge of the documents.

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