USA. A powerful thunder of unknown origin. The people of Utah and Idaho heard him

On Saturday, people in upstate Utah heard a mighty thunderclap. The roar was similar to the sound made by an airplane crossing the sound barrier, and even much stronger. According to the authorities, it was a meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

As reported by the American daily Salt Lake Tribune, thunder was heard not only in Utah, but also in the neighboring state of Idaho. Utah governor Spencer Cox reported on Twitter that his services confirmed that the phenomenon was not related to any seismic activity or military activities.

A meteor cut the atmosphere

The National Weather Service (NWS) tweeted that traces of passage had been detected in the atmosphere of an object moving at high speed, most likely a meteor. Salt Lake City resident Wendi Melling described the sound as resembling that produced by a plane crossing the sound barrier, and even much stronger, followed by the sound of a distant lightning strike.

The points marked on the satellite map below are not related to storm activity, but are likely the result of a meteor trail and a flare.

Main photo source: NWS, GOES-17 Lightning Mapper

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