US will not be able to keep supplies to Ukraine? A Pentagon spokesman cuts speculation

Ukrainians continue their counter-offensive operations, mainly in the north around Kharkiv and in the south in the Kherson region. We estimate that Ukrainians are consolidating their gains after they regained large tracts of territory, and the Russians are trying to strengthen their defensive lines Ryder said. As he added, Ukrainian offensive goes in “willful and calculating” way forward in the south of the country.

He also noted that the Ukrainians heavy fights still await. The situation was previously assessed in a similar way by the highest-ranking US commander Gen. Mark Milley.

USA won’t be able to …? A Pentagon spokesman informs about new supplies of equipment

Ryder pointed out that in the new arms package for Ukraine, which was announced on Thursday, was worth $ 600 million was found equipment needed for operations at low temperatures. Additional rockets are also included in the package GMLRS to systems HIMARS, 1 thou. pieces satellite-guided artillery ammunition (M982 Excalibur), four anti-artillery radars and anti-drone systems. Ryder also cut through speculation that The US will not be able to maintain Ukraine’s current level of support due to the dwindling stocks of weapons.

He announced that the first two of the six NASAMS air defense systems will reach Ukraine in approximately two weeks.

From Washington, Oskar Górzyński

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