Unusual noises disrupt travel on airplanes. “The sound between orgasm and vomiting” [WIDEO]

One of the passengers on the US airline’s September 6 flight from Los Angeles to Dallas was actor and film producer Emerson Collins. He posted a recording of strange noises on TikTok and signed it “The weirdest flight.” Collins admitted in The Los Angeles Times that what he and the other passengers heard were “a sound halfway between orgasm and vomiting.”

He added that the situation amused some people on board, but there were also people who were embarrassed. As reported by the passenger, the flight attendants did not ignore the sounds and announced that the sounds were not coming from the crew, but also did not pose a threat to the safety of the trip.

The rest of the text below the video.

This is not the first time such sounds have irritated passengers American aircraft. Bradley P. Allen, Manhattan Beach’s chief technology officer, said after seeing the movie on TikTok that he encountered a similar incident in July while traveling from New York to Los Angeles. He added that it was “unusual and disturbing”, but the moans did not last long. Another case of mysterious screams has been recorded September 18, on a flight from John Wayne, California to Dallas.

Passengers aircraft they suspected that he was behind the annoying sounds either a joker on board or a break-in on the intercombut after the flight had ended, they were not informed of the reasons. The conservators took up the matter. At the moment, the plane traveling to Dallas on September 18 has been checked. The specialists said that everything is caused “mechanical fault” sound systems.

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