Unity has won a gigantic contract. They will work for the US Army

Unity Software Inc. won a multi-million contract with a US national security company. The popular engine, which works most often as a game development tool, will provide innovative solutions for services and the army.

Unity and its possibilities

You can risk saying that probably every player has come across the name “Unity”. It is one of the most popular engines for creating computer games that allows you to implement two-dimensional and 3D projects. Its direct competitor is Unreal Engine. What is the Unity engine capable of? The answer is below, in a special video.

These are not cheap things

In recent days, it has become extremely loud about Unity. Currently “on the table” is PLN 80 billion. Such an amount for buying this technology she proposed the AppLovin company. A little earlier there was a real scandal. John Riccitiello (head of Unity) he used little diplomatic words in the context of some game developers, for which he later apologized.

Unity will take care of US national security

It’s not everything. Unity technology has a unique chance to prove itself in a different industry. FROM the latest report financial shows that the company is establishing cooperation with CACI Internation. What does this corporation do? CACI Internation specializes in broadly understood technological support for all bodies and services whose activities translate into ensuring the national security of the USA.

The Soldier of the Future is coming

The report mentions about “a three-year, multi-million contract for the development of intelligent human-machine interfaces”. The contract is to strengthen the position of Unity, which aspires to become the US government’s preferred 3D platform. Perhaps it is the Unity engine that will directly contribute to the creation “soldier of the future”. Not only the USA sees the potential in this type of technology. Russia, cut off from Western solutions, is trying to develop its own domestic gaming engine.

Sebastian Barysz, journalist of Polygamy

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