United States. The death toll of the winter attack is growing. Dramatic situation in New York state

United States.  The death toll of the winter attack is growing.  Dramatic situation in New York state

United States. The death toll of the winter attack is growing. Dramatic situation in New York state

The United States was dealing with the effects of the impact of winter for another day. By Christmas, the death toll had risen to nearly 30, and power was still out in many regions. In New York state, some roads remain impassable. Local authorities are urging people to stop traveling by car. They’re even banned in Erie County.

On Sunday, the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) issued further alerts ahead storms snow, strong winds and extremely low temperatures. Difficult conditions are predicted both in the southern states, including Texas and Florida, as well as in the north, along the border with Canada.

The death toll is rising

According to NBC News, severe weather contributed to the deaths of 28 people nationwide, while CNN reported at least 26 fatalities. Authorities in various states indicate that this number is likely to increase.

Difficult conditions remain in New York State, especially in its northern regions. Erie County Administrator Mark Poloncarz said on social media that the death toll in the Buffalo region increased from three to seven overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Some of them were found in snow-covered cars, and at least two victims died because extreme weather conditions prevented emergency services from reaching them in time.

“We did not hope for such holidays, we did not expect such holidays,” wrote Poloncarz on Sunday. The official reminded that there is still a complete ban on civilian vehicles in the county. Hundreds of motorists were stranded on Erie County roads over the holiday weekend, and the National Guard had to help free them.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said on Sunday that she had been in contact with the White House and that the government would support her request for a federal emergency. “This storm will go down in history as the most devastating event in Buffalo. It’s an event of the ages and we’re still in the middle of it,” she said.

New York State under the snowReuters

Communication paralysis

Heavy snowstorms also caused power cuts in many states. More than 140,000 homes and businesses were without power on Sunday afternoon – significantly fewer than on Saturday morning, when the number exceeded 1.3 million customers. According to a resident of the city of Buffalo, her neighborhood lost power on Saturday evening, and on Sunday morning the network was still not repaired.

The pre-Christmas winter attack also caused a paralysis of communication throughout the United States. Thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed – according to the FlightAware portal, over 1,600 flights scheduled for this day alone were canceled by noon on Sunday. Road transport also causes difficulties, and motorways remain impassable in places.

According to the Buffalo branch of the National Weather Service, the snow cover at the local airport was nearly 110 centimeters thick on Sunday morning. Meteorologists have warned that while no more snowstorms are expected in the coming hours, parts of New York state will continue to snow until Tuesday afternoon.

New York State under the snowReuters

New York State under the snowReuters

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Main photo source: Reuters

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