Uniqlo enters Poland. The first showroom in Warsaw

The Polish market is very attractive for foreign brands. There are many world players here, but so far our country has not been on the radar of the Japanese Fast Retailing (FR) holding. It has changed. The first store with the Uniqlo logo (the largest brand owned by FR) will be opened this autumn.

The Uniqlo brand is one of such global competitors clothing companies such as Zara or H&M. It has over 2 thousand. stores in the world and generates a sales turnover of $ 19 billion annually.

He will compete for the first customers of Uniqlo in the Wars Sawa Junior department stores in the center of Warsaw, where it will occupy a two-level premises. It will cover an area of ​​approximately 800 square meters. As the company points out, work is currently underway on the arrangement of the new premises.

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