Unclear video with sleeping Putin. There is speculation [WIDEO]

On Tuesday, August 6, a State Council debate was held on the development of tourism in Russia. During the two-hour meeting Vladimir Putin and other officials listened to speeches addressed to the president of Russia. The dictator entered into discussions with his subordinates.

According to the recording published by the Daily Mail, Putin and other participants in the debate fell asleep at times. The meeting took place in eastern Russia in Primorsky Krai, on a Russian island. As reported by the British portal, previously 69-year-old Putin was to complain about fatigue resulting from a long journey.

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The British website combines a recording of Putin falling asleep with his complaints about shortness of breath and fatigue, which gives rise to further guesses about the health of the Russian dictator. Before his departure to Kamchatka, Putin was said to have had kidney problems, which was manifested by the alleged swelling of his face and bags under his eyes. According to the General SVR channel on Telegram, the ailments could not be overcome with medication.

In the official footage of the meeting published by the Kremlin, it is difficult to see Putin asleep, although at times he seems very bored. He hangs his head down to take notes. Putin takes an active part in the meeting until the end of the Russian recording.

Questions about Putin’s health have been coming up for several months now. From the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine The media covered reports that Putin had cancer or Parkinson’s disease. There have been suggestions that he is receiving minor treatments on a regular basis.

A sign of the disease was a swollen face or trembling hands. On recordings of Tuesday’s military maneuvers at the Sergeyevsky training ground, which was supervised by Putin, his gait in turn caught attention.

However, nothing is known for certain about Putin’s health. Doctors, when asked for a comment, judged that it was difficult to make a diagnosis based on photos or recordings. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied rumors about Putin’s alleged diseases.



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