Uncharted is 15 in November, but Naughty Dog is already celebrating and reminding you of the game

Naughty Dog decided to remind players about the Uncharted series. Quite unexpectedly, the developers are already celebrating the premiere of the first installment of the game, which actually hit the market in November. The situation is funny as the PlayStation teams and subsidiaries also congratulate the team.

The first part of the Uncharted series was announced during Sony’s presentation at E3 in 2006 and the production debuted on the first market on November 19, 2007. Players from Europe and Japan would have to wait until December 6 for Nathan Drake’s adventure.

Naughty Dog should not celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary in two months, but someone decided to publish the news today:

“Sic Parvis Magna – greatness from humble beginnings

UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune released 15 years ago! Thanks to the fans for joining Nathan Drake in his fortune-hunting adventures. “

The PlayStation teams (Bend Studio, Guerrilla) responded to the message, and the Asian branch of PlayStation even provided the information. Many players insist that the note should be published two months later, but Naughty Dog pays little attention.

According to rumors, Naughty Dog is now implementing Uncharted 5 and the production should be announced at the next PlayStation Showcase. The first one was mentioned by Jason Schreier – a Bloomberg journalist revealed three of the band’s projects (The Last of Us Remake, The Last of Us Frakcje, Uncharted) and only the adventure in the world of treasure hunters has not been announced yet.

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