Ukrainians on the attack. They “liquidated” 300 Russian soldiers

Ukrainians on the attack. They “liquidated” 300 Russian soldiers

According to the staff, the enemy forces near Majorsk were preparing to attack, but were liquidated. “The next day about 60 slightly wounded (soldiers) were sent to medical facilities in Gorłówka” – it was announced.

Medical infrastructure in the Belgorod region adjacent to Ukraine it is not properly prepared, the medical aviation is unstable and the hospitals in this region are, according to the Ukrainian side, completely full. Therefore, as reported, the opponent transports the wounded by buses to neighboring Voronezh.

In the occupied Kherson Oblast, the so-called evacuation, including from medical institutions. The Russians are removing equipment and medicines from there, and doctors who do not agree to evacuation are not allowed to enter hospitals.

The enemy soldiers in Berysław in the Kherson region “massively change into civilian clothes and occupy private apartments.”

Over the past 24 hours, the enemy has carried out four missile attacks and 25 aerial attacks, as well as more than 70 multi-lead rocket launchers. The enemy continues firing along the front lines. Ukrainian forces repelled attacks in the area of ​​Wodiane, Kamianka and Newelske in the Donetsk region.

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