Ukrainians are hunting for Russian equipment [NAGRANIE]

Ukrainians are hunting for Russian equipment [NAGRANIE]

“Good day, over 600 occupiers have been liquidated again,” writes the Ukrainian general staff today, providing information about the Russian losses in Ukraine. It shows that the Russians suffered the greatest losses in the last 24 hours near Avdiivka and Bakhmut.

Giving general statistics, the Ukrainian military claims that 72,000 have died since February 24. 470 Russian soldiers. Besides, i.a. in total: 2 thousand 698 tanks, of which 12 in the last 24 hours, approx. 5.5 thousand. armored vehicles, 1 thousand. 730 artillery systems, 383 multiple rocket launchers, 197 air defense systems, 276 aircraft, 257 helicopters, 1 thousand 415 drones, 397 cruise missiles, 16 ships and boats, 4 thousand. 143 vehicles and fuel tanks.

A rare video has appeared on social media, showing, for example, how the artillery reconnaissance brigade is targeting a Russian mortar, a multi-lead rocket launcher, an ammunition depot, and a drone combat system.

The staff also informed today that in Kakhivka in the Kherson region, in the south of Ukraine, Russian troops are displacing local residents and building engineering fortifications and mined obstacles around their places of residence.

“The occupiers are carrying out the forced relocation of civilians. In the village of Kakhovka in the Kherson region, they forcibly displace citizens living in buildings along the Dnieper river bank. Russian invaders are constructing engineering fortifications and obstacles with mines and explosives around civilian housing,” the staff said in a message on Facebook.

The staff also announced that during the past day the Russians carried out a total of more than one hundred shells with the use of missile systems and airplanes, strafing over 50 towns, in particular – located on the front section in the Donetsk Oblast, in the east of the country.

(Sources: Twitter, Facebook, PAP)

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