Ukrainians approached the Russian “king of pop”. His face said it all

Philip Kirkorova musician who is over two meters tall, Russia is known to everyone, currently traveling in the USA. He publishes photos from his travels on Instagram. On August 18, he was spotted by Ukrainians in front of one of the hotels in Los Angeles. The men decided to take advantage of the situation and see what Kirkorov’s reaction would be when they shouted the famous cry of “slava Ukraini” (“glory to Ukraine”) in his direction.

When Kirkorov saw them, he got scared. Embarrassment and indignation were written on his face at the same time, but he decided to silence everything. The artist rolled his eyes and turned towards the smartphone screen.

Filipp Kirkorov, the ex-husband of the legendary Russian singer – Alla Pugacheva – is a musician known for his controversial behavior. He was photographed wearing clothes with the face of Vladimir Putin.

In the past, Kirkorov has repeatedly won the World Music Awards in the category “The world’s best-selling Russian performer” (last time in 2008). In his interviews, he called Vladimir Putin “the best president”. From June 2014, he cannot perform in Ukraine, the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) reported. He argued that Crimea should be part of Russia. He currently supports Putin’s war.

Kirkorov went to the USA to sell his property in Miami. He boasted about it many times on Instagram. All because of sanctions that may affect him in the future. He also rests in the States and “eats steaks”, as the editors of NEXTA jokingly put it.

The video, presenting the musician’s surprise, was published in social media by Mykola Krust – a Ukrainian blogger. In comments, Internet users asked why Kirkorov “still has a visa” and that the authorities should force him to immediately leave the state that supports the country that Putin has attacked.

“Throw him out of the US” – network users appealed.

Source: NEXTA,

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