Ukrainians admit to three attacks in Crimea

The document was released by an official who asked for anonymity as he was not authorized to share information with the media. The report describes hitting Saki airbase as a heavy loss for Russian infrastructure on the peninsula. On the other hand, subsequent attacks already indicate Ukraine’s military ability to systematically hit targets in Crimea.

Afternoon on August 9 Columns of black smoke rose above the Saki airport in the Crimea. Shortly thereafter, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation issued a hasty announcement: “Around 3:20 pm several pieces of aviation ammunition were detonated at the Saki airport near the Novofedorovka settlement (…) no one was injured (…) the aviation equipment was not damaged.” There are more lies than sentences in this short message – Marcin Wyrwal wrote about the first attack.

After the events in Novofedorovka, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, recalled that the Russian war with Ukraine began with the occupation of Crimea and must end there. The president said he believed in Ukraine to regain the peninsula. In turn, the Russians explained the attack by accidental setting fire.

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Further explosions took place on Tuesday, August 16. An ammunition depot exploded in the north of Crimea – the Russian press agency TASS reported on Tuesday, citing the administration of the Mayskoye settlement.

Two people were injured as a result of the explosion. Local authorities ordered the evacuation of the population within a 5 km radius. It’s over 2,000 people. Earlier on Tuesday, RIA Novosti reported a fire at a transformer substation near the city of Jankoye in the Crimea.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, pro-government media from Russia reported, citing witnesses, that explosions had taken place in Hvardiysk, and there were clouds of smoke over the local military airport. Hvardijske is situated in the Simferopol region, about 75 km southwest of Dzhankoy. The Russian side blamed the saboteurs for the attacks.

There will be more and more acts of sabotage and various “excesses”, not only in Crimea, but also throughout Russia – announced on Wednesday adviser to the president of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolak.

– More and more often acts of guerrilla diversion, professionally prepared by Ukrainian forces, will occur – said Podolak in a statement for the Chodorkowski Live channel on the YouTube platform.

They will be organized, according to the politician’s advisor, not only by professional saboteurs from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also by the inhabitants of Crimea who have been under occupation for eight years.

Podolak also said of the people of Crimea that their passive consent to the occupation of the peninsula in 2014 “is going into a phase of active opposition; people can see that Ukraine is not giving up, is resisting and will regain its territory” and predicts an increase in protests in this territory.

Source: CNN, Onet, PAP

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