Ukrainian services detained the spy. He greatly helped the Russians

According to the SBU, the detainee was a resident of the Sumy Oblast in northern Ukraine, who was recruited by Russian forces in the first days of the occupation of these areas. He showed the enemy safe routes to Kiev.

After the liberation of the Sumy Oblast by the Ukrainian army, the man continued to cooperate with the Russian special services. He collected data on the dislocation, number and armament of Ukrainian forces in the region. It also provided information on the location of Ukrainian military facilities. For this purpose, it used closed electronic communication channels.

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Ukraine fights against Russian agents all the time. A week ago, the court in the Dnipropetrovsk region he sentenced a citizen of Ukraine to 12 years in prisonwho for money provided Russian services with information about the deployment of Ukrainian troops.

It was established that a citizen of Ukraine became the object of interest of the Russian Federal Security Service while serving his sentence in a penal colony on Russian territory. On the eve of the Russian aggression, he was transferred to Ukraine in order to perform subversive and intelligence activities in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations of Ukrainian troops.

According to the court, the SBU collected evidence confirming that the man provided intelligence to the enemy and helped Russian forces capture Lisichansk in the Luhansk region.

During his detention in April, the SBU found means of communication with voice messages and correspondence in social networks, which confirmed that the man had collected and forwarded information about the locations of Ukrainian troops, the Border Service and the National Guard in Lisichansk. In addition, he corrected artillery fire on the spot. He received remuneration for his actions from Russian secret services.

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