Ukrainian counteroffensive. British Defense Ministry: Russia has a problem with shifting reserves across the Dnieper

The British defense ministry, analyzing the progress of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, wrote that “in the south, near ChersoĊ„, Russia probably has problems transferring sufficient reserves to the front line across the Dnieper.” It added that “as of Wednesday, Ukraine has regained territory in the Kharkiv region at least twice the size of Greater London”.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Report on

“In the face of Ukrainian progress Russia she probably ordered the withdrawal of her troops from the entire occupied Kharkiv Oblast west of the Oskil River. Single clusters of resistance remained in this sector, but since Wednesday Ukraine regained territory at least twice the size of Greater London (the administrative region including the British capital – ed.) “- wrote the daily intelligence update.

Ukrainian counteroffensive. General Staff: The Russians are hastily leaving their positions

“In the south, near Kherson, Russia is probably having problems transfering sufficient reserves to the front line across the Dnieper. The makeshift pontoon bridge that Russia started building more than two weeks ago remains incomplete; Ukrainian long-range artillery is probably now hitting the Dnieper crossings yes often that Russia cannot repair damaged road bridges, “he added.

“The rapid successes of Ukraine have significant implications for the overall shape of the Russian operation. Most likely, most of the forces in Ukraine are forced to prioritize emergency defense operations. The already limited confidence of soldiers in Russia’s higher military command is likely to deteriorate further,” forecasts the British Ministry of Defense.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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