Ukraine’s ambassador to the USA: the pope inattentively read Dostoyevsky

Ukraine’s ambassador to the USA: the pope inattentively read Dostoyevsky

According to the author of the entry, the pope “must have read Dostoyevsky inaccurately, because then he would not be surprised by the cruelty of the Russians (which is inherent in them)”. Markarova pointed out that “in several other works of Russian writers and poets, including Pushkin, Kuprin and Bulgakov, as well as with even a superficial knowledge of the true history of our region, it would turn out that humanism did not smell like humanism in Moscow, neither during Ivan the Terrible in 1547, nor in 1708, when Baturyn was brutally cut into the trunk [miasto w dzisiejszym obwodzie czernihowskim, którego niemal wszystkich mieszkańców wymordowano na rozkaz księcia Aleksandra Mieńszykowa — KAI]nor at any other time thereafter. “

During a meeting with journalists on the plane to Rome, Francis stated that he was “struck by this cruelty that is not peculiar to the Russian people”, for which he used the term “martyred, martyred” (martoriato). According to the Holy Father, the Russians are “a great nation”, and this cruelty is a feature of “mercenaries, soldiers going to war as if they were on an adventure”. At the same time, he admitted that he preferred to think this way, “because I respect the people and Russian humanism very much” and in this context he recalled Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who – as he pointed out – “to this day stimulates Christians to rethink Christianity”.

The Pope also stated that he “found himself between two peoples to which he is favorable”, adding that this does not apply only to him, because “the Holy See had many confidential meetings and many conversations with positive results.”

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