Ukraine: Wagner’s group headquarters located and destroyed. Experts: It could be a provocation

The staff of the Wagner group, a private Russian mercenary company linked to the Kremlin, was destroyed in Ukrainian shelling in the city of Popasna, said the head of the Ukrainian administration of the region, Serhiy Haydai. He added that the publication of one of the Russian journalists made it easier to determine the location of the attack. Some military experts, such as the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), did not rule out, however, that this publication could be a provocation and was intended to provoke a Ukrainian attack.

Ukrainian forces launched an attack on Sunday in the city of Popasna in the Luhansk region. The number of deaths is being determined, Serhiy Haydaj said on Monday. In his opinion, the publication of one of the Russian journalists made it easier to identify the place where the Ukrainian forces hit.


Billboard encouraging volunteers to contact the Wagner

Contradictory reports, questions of provocation

Contradictory information has been released regarding the attack by Ukrainian forces on the Wagner group. The destruction of the base of the Wagner group in Popasna, controlled by the Russian army, was first reported on Sunday by the pro-government media in Russia. Earlier, one of the Russian reporters posted photos from the base on his social media. In turn, some experts, such as the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) group, did not rule out that the publication was deliberate and was intended to provoke a Ukrainian attack. Such an attack would make it easier for the Russians to identify the locations of Western launchers used by Ukrainian forces, warned the CIT.

Ukrainian rocket launchers near the city of Popasna near Lugansk (April 26)EPA / PAP

Wagner’s group – Putin’s secret weapon

The Wagner group was founded in 2014, the name of the structure refers to the pseudonym of its founder Dmitry Utkin, a former military intelligence officer of Russia (GRU). The pro-Kremlin oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin is considered the group’s patron.


The Russian authorities have repeatedly used the group’s mercenaries in conflicts around the world, including in Donbas, on the Crimean peninsula, in the Middle East. She is also very active in Africa. It is to operate on the edge of the law where the Kremlin deems it necessary, or unofficially, to avoid political repercussions. She is accused of war crimes, torturing prisoners of war, and executions.

Alleged mercenaries from the Wagner Group accompanied by troops of Malian soldiersMinistre des Armées

According to the Polish Institute of International Affairs, “mercenaries from a Russian private military company, known as the so-called Wagner group, became a tool of Russia’s military and political expansion in Africa. LibyaSudan, Central African Republic (CA) and Mozambique“Recently, there was a lot of talk about the support of these mercenaries in the military regime in Maliwhat Paris criticized.

Main photo source: EPA / PAP

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