Ukraine used the PsyOp tactic. Simple posters arouse real panic among Russians …

Last week, several explosions severely damaged a key one airbase in Crimeaon the north side of the peninsula exploded ammunition storage – reminds the “Kiev Post”. Ukraine does not deny or confirm that the attack was organized, but nevertheless has heavy weapons that can support such missile attacks thanks to supplies from NATO allies.

Ukrainians have recently distributed large leaflets around strategic locations, announcing the next target of the attack. Kiev Post notes that this PsyOp tactics (psychological warfare tactic) that has been used many times in the past for the purpose of lowering the opponent’s morale.

Posters on walls and pillars

Over the past few days, images of posters have been circulating on the Internet, hung on walls and advertising pillars. They show an explosion symbol on a completely black background, with the name and coordinates of a potential next target. Sevastopol, the Kacha airbase, the airport guard, the Sevastopol International Airport and the Oktiabrskoye Air Base are the targets listed on the leaflets visible on the streets.

Ukrainian journalist Viktor Kovalenko wrote on Twitter about the leaflets, declaring, writing about “starting a psychological war to scare the invaders in the Crimea.”

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