Ukraine. The selected Russian tank army withdrew from the Kharkiv region. Ukrainians report further gains

Russia is invading Ukraine. The British Ministry of Defense reported that the 1st Guards Tank Army, one of the most elected Russian armies, whose role in the event of a war with NATO is to defend Moscow, has withdrawn from Kharkiv Oblast, and its combat capabilities are severely degraded. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are reporting that more towns in the east of the country are being recaptured from the hands of the Russians.

“Elements of the Russian forces withdrawn from the Kharkiv Oblast in the last week came from the 1st Guards Tank Army, which is subordinate to the Western Military District. The army suffered heavy losses in the initial phase of the invasion and was not fully reconstructed before the Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kharkiv,” the British ministry reported defense.

“The 1st Guards Tank Army was one of the best armies Russiaintended to defend Moscow and intended to conduct counterattacks in the event of war with the FOR THIS. In view of the serious degradation of the Army and other District formations, Russia’s conventional forces intended to counter NATO are strongly weakened. It will probably take years for Russia to rebuild this potential, “reads the daily intelligence update.

Abandoned Russian tank in Izium [12.09.2022]PAP / Alena Solomonova

Ukrainians are taking more lands

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian side reports that more cities in the east of the country are being recaptured from the hands of the Russians. “Wołczańsk has returned home,” reads the title of the video published by the Ukrainian border services on Facebook. The frames show damaged Russian military equipment lying along the road, Ukrainian soldiers throw Russian propaganda posters from billboards and house facades. Two soldiers burn the Russian flag.

Wołczańsk is located 3 km from the border with Russia. During the current Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kharkiv Oblast, it became the seat of the occupying authorities of the region created by the Russians for a few days.

The Ukrainian National Guard confirmed that the soldiers entered Svyatohirsk in the Donetsk Oblast and took control of the city. There are Ukrainian military, guards and territorial defense soldiers in the city. In Swiatohirsk there is the Świętogórska Lavra – one of the three Orthodox Lavra (large male monasteries) located in Ukraine. It is subject to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The mayor of Svyatohirsk, Volodymyr Bandura, has had the status of a suspect of high treason since June this year, due to the fact that he has accepted a job in the Russian-created occupying city authorities.

Ukrainian flag in the village of Ternowe, near the border with Russia Telegram service / Andrij Jermak

The head of the authorities of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Haydai, informed that Russian troops had withdrawn from the city of Kreminna. “Kreminna is completely empty today – the Russian army has left the city. The Ukrainian flag is hanging over it, hung by partisans,” wrote Hajdaj on the Telegram website. Kreminna was under Russian occupation from the end of May.

He added that “a similar situation prevails in Starobelsk” – a city located about 100 km from the Russian border. In turn, the Russians returned to the town of Swatow, from where they had left earlier. Hajdaj informed about the hasty evacuation of the Russians from there the day before, on Monday.

Main photo source: PAP / Alena Solomonova

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