Ukraine, the invasion of Russia. Russian conscripts transferred to the border with Ukraine. Mothers are alarming

Conscription soldiers from the Leningrad Oblast are being transferred to the border with Ukraine to the Belgorod Oblast, the Russian independent television Dożd reported, citing the soldiers’ mothers. According to these reports, soldiers are to be transferred to “strengthen the border”.

The mothers of the conscripts who are undergoing compulsory military service in the Leningrad Oblast informed the Dozhj Television that their sons were to be or have already been sent to the Belgorod Oblast on the border with Ukraine in order to “strengthen the border”. Since July, conscripts from other units have already been in the border bases, the station reports. Some have not completed their training yet.

On September 16, a similar information was published by the Russian-language editorial office of the BBC. There, relatives of conscripts also informed about their transfer to the Ukrainian border. In both cases, military families report that the command is putting pressure on them and “agitating” to sign contracts with the army, which would enable them to participate in the war with Ukraine.

A Russian woman against the backdrop of a mural supporting the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Moscow, 20 SeptemberPAP / EPA / MAXIM SHIPENKOV

“A legitimate goal for Ukrainian forces”

Military analysts of the Conflict Intelligence Team project point out that conscripts, even if they do not participate in military operations and are on the territory Russiaare “a legitimate target for Ukrainian forces,” that is, the command knowingly endangers conscripts in the wake of military action.

Formally the Kremlin and personally Vladimir Putin assured that on war in Ukraine they will not be sent to conscripts, although such cases were reported in the media in the first months of the war.

Russian combat vehicleLeon Klein / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Partial mobilization in Russia

On Wednesday Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. The enrollment is to include reservists and men who have undergone military training. Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu announced that the mobilization would involve three hundred thousand people. He also assured that conscripts would not be sent to the war.

According to analysts, if Russia illegally annexes the Ukrainian occupied territories, the army may start sending conscripts there, arguing that it is “Russian territory”.

Main photo source: Leon Klein / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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