Ukraine. The car ran over a mine in the Kherson region. A teacher is killed and her son is injured

As a result of driving a car over a mine in the village of Herojske in the Kherson region, a woman died on Monday and her son was seriously injured, informed Oleksandr Musijenka, the head of the authorities of the Chromada (commune) of Czestochowa on Facebook.

The woman was a teacher at the local high school. Her son was severely burned. Oleksandr Musijenek, head of the Chromada (commune) authorities, said that the boy’s treatment would require significant costs, which the family does not have.

The situation in the Kherson region

Kherson Oblast is almost completely occupied by Russian troops. Kherson is the only capital of the Ukrainian oblast that has been occupied by the Russians since the beginning of the invasion in February this year. On Sunday, on Telegram, deputy chairman of the city’s district council Yuri Sobolewski however, he informed that most of the command of the Russian troops had left the city.

“I can confirm this. Indeed, today the enemy does not have a single safe logistic route that would meet his military needs, specifically to supply a military group near ChersoĊ„,” Sobolewski said.

All of them, he added the main roads are under the fire control of the Ukrainian armed forces. “Perhaps this was the main reason why the Russian military command really left Kherson,” he wrote. Sobolewski believes that the morale of the Russian troops is very bad now, because all Russian plans for the Kherson Oblast have failed.

Main photo source: ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO / Reuters / Forum

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