Ukraine. Special Unit Chort: Deputy Chief of Staff for the Wagner Group sent to Hell

Ukraine. Special Unit Chort: Deputy Chief of Staff for the Wagner Group sent to Hell

The Ukrainian special unit “Chort” announced that it had liquidated the deputy chief of staff of a private Russian military company, known as the Wagner Group. The communiqué stated that it “sent an entire enemy group to hell” in combat.

“During the combat mission, the fighters of our special unit clashed in a fierce fight with a group of fighters of the notorious Prigozhin formation, the Wagner Group. The clash in the fight sent the entire enemy group to hell. “Chort” on social media.

She added that Ukrainian defenders found a weapon with him, which was the AK-12 rifle.

The entry published by the formation did not specify where exactly the operation described on Saturday was carried out.

“Chort” is taking part in a counteroffensive in southern Ukraine

However, the commander of the unit was quoted in a later communiqué who told a little more about the details of these events.

“It happened at the beginning of September, when the first counter-offensive towards Chersonia took place. Our group smashed them. We knew that there were serious people there, because (their – ed.) Weapons were adequate. In addition, they were protected by military police, which all members were officers “- said Paweł Pataretcki.

Member of the special department “Chort”Faceboo / sp.khort

“Chort” is a Ukrainian special unit that consists of veterans of various special units and security services. It was founded in March 2014.

Currently, it operates in the ranks of the 57th Motorized Brigade, which is taking part in the counteroffensive in the south Ukraine.

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Main photo source: Facebook / sp.khort

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