Ukraine. Russian trucks at the turbine plant of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. Recording

There are several Russian military trucks with the letter “Z”, a symbol used by the Russians during the invasion of Ukraine, in the turbine plant of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in Enerhodar, which is connected to the reactor. You can see them on the video from inside the facility occupied by Russian forces, which was published on social media.

The video shows one of the six turbine plants on the western side of the power plant in Enerhodara occupied by Russian troops, the largest such facility in Europe. Each of the turbines is connected to a large reactor room. It is not clear when the recording was made, but it started circulating on social media on Thursday, the US broadcaster CNN noted.

The vehicles that look like typical Russian military trucks are parked on the west side of the building on the ground floor, about 130 meters from the reactor, emphasizes CNN. The Russian defense ministry did not answer the question of what is in the trucks visible in the turbine room.

Russian trucks at the turbine plant of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power PlantReuters

It is not clear whether the pallets and tents that can also be seen on the fabric belong to the Russian military or are related to the operation of the power plant. It is also unknown whether the military trucks are permanently in the turbine plant, or whether they were hidden after the Ukrainian attack on July 19, which aimed at Russian soldiers in tents about 300 meters from one of the reactors, writes CNN.

According to the authorities Ukraine Russia has created a military base and shooting positions at the plant in order to prevent the Ukrainians from counter-strikes. There are concerns that the presence of weapons and military equipment on the premises of the facility, as well as possible Russian provocations, could lead to a nuclear accident.

Main photo source: Reuters

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