Ukraine – Russia. The defense ministry published a video about mobilization in Russia on the Internet

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published a recording on social media that refers to the announced partial mobilization in Russia. It shows, among other things, the Russian police beating and detaining men protesting against Vladimir Putin’s decision on conscription. “We also know that soon these ‘soldiers’ will be at the front, and with such a love of alcohol, it will be easier for them to die on our soil,” wrote the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

On Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilizationwhich is to officially cover 300,000 people. Independent media reports that the decree contains an implicit pointwhich says that the enlistment is to be taken million people. Russian authorities have been mobilizing on a massive scale since Thursday.

According to media reports, border crossings (land, rail and air) are stormed by people who want to avoid being drafted into the army. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denies these reports.

Traffic on the border between Finland and Russia

Traffic on the border between Finland and RussiaReuters

“It looks like we will ‘demobilize’ these Russians ahead of time”

Ministry of Defense Ukraine posted a recording on Sunday that refers to the announced mobilization in Russia. It shows excerpts from social media videos, in which the Russian police, among others, beating and detaining men protesting against the summons to the army.

According to a recording of the Ukrainian ministry, the detained may be mobilized. Other shots show men who are about to drink alcohol and, as you might guess, asleep lying against a wall. Other men also appear in the video, whose behavior suggests that they may be under the influence of alcohol. Some are in military uniform.

“It looks like we will ‘demobilize’ these Russians ahead of time,” it was written at the end of the recording, and earlier it was recalled that the Russian army – estimated by the Ukrainian side – has so far lost over 56,000 soldiers.

The video also includes shots of military equipment abandoned by the Russians, seized by Ukrainian forces – both heavy, such as tanks and armored vehicles, and personal, such as weapons.

“We understand that not all Russian troops are like that, and in Russia there are still remnants of a professional army that has not yet been destroyed by the Ukrainian army,” wrote the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. “We also know that soon these ‘soldiers’ will be at the front, and with such a love of alcohol it will be easier for them to die on our soil” – she added.

American think tank: problems and errors during mobilization

Regardless of the true number of those called up, the mobilization process is accompanied by chaos – analysts note. As assessed by the American Institute for War Research, problems and errors in conscription to the army are observed in Russia. The inconsistent conditions of mobilization in the regions may exacerbate social tensions, pointed out the HEI.

For example, the think tank said that men who do not meet the criteria set out by the Kremlin are being mobilized. In particular, it is an announcement by the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoyguthat mobilization in the first place will concern people with experience in hostilities. There are reports of summons being sent to older men, students, defense industry workers, civilians with no combat experience, airline and airport workers, and people with chronic diseases.

Main photo source: EPA / ANATOLY MALTSEV

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