Ukraine – Russia. Putin announced a partial mobilization. Military expert Colonel Roman Switan comments

Russia’s mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin will not help. What the Russians are doing now had to be done at least six months ago, said Roman Switan in an interview with the Ukrainian section of Radio Swoboda.

On Wednesday, the president Vladimir Putin announced in Russia partial mobilizationwhich is expected to include reservists and those who have received military training. According to an announcement by the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu the mobilization will involve 300,000 people.

Putin made a socially unpopular decision after a counteroffensive by the Ukrainian armed forces that liberated almost the entire Kharkiv region. After the announced mobilization The Russians started taking to the streets and organize protests against mobilization.

“At least half of their armies will be unfit for combat”

– War is math. The generals of the Russian staff are perfectly familiar with the formulas according to which the reserves of forces and the means for warfare are calculated. Putin and his general staff know perfectly well that in the near future at least half of their current army will not be fit for combat, said Roman Switan, a military expert and reserve colonel of the Ukrainian armed forces in an interview with the Ukrainian section of Radio Swoboda.

Every day in Ukraine – as he said – a company of Russian soldiers is killed, within five days – a battalion. They are also injured. Within a week, about 1,000 Russian soldiers are unable to perform combat tasks, added Svitan.

Ukrainians in Wołczańsk in Kharkiv Oblast, which was rescued from the hands of the RussiansReuters

– There is one more problem faced by the Russians. Military contracts that will end soon. This applies to at least one third of the soldiers fighting in Ukraine. I am sure that no one will extend these contracts – said the colonel. “That’s a third of the army that can just leave the battlefield,” he added. In his opinion, the key element in this matter is the provision included in the fourth point of Putin’s decree on partial mobilization, which says that all contracts will be extended until the end of mobilization.

– This means that the people who are now fighting on the territory of Ukraine have become hostages of contracts and now cannot leave the war until the end of this mobilization – added the interlocutor of Radio Swoboda.

Putin announced mobilization.  The Russians took to the streets

Putin announced mobilization. The Russians took to the streets Reuters

“300,000 people need to be dressed, clothed and armed”

Asked how quickly the Russian mobilized will be on the front and whether this will affect the further course of the war, the colonel replied: – 300,000 is the real number of reservists who are fit for service. But preparing so many people for the fights in time is simply unrealistic. In just a month (Russians – ed.) They will not have enough soldiers, and tens of thousands is not enough. (Russians) just don’t have time.

According to Switan, sending 300,000 people to the front may be possible within six months. – But they have to be equipped with weapons and equipment. 300,000 people need to be dressed, clothed and armed. Even for Russia it will be problematic because it is already exhausted from this war, he said.

The interlocutor of Radio Swoboda recalled that Putin had set the task of launching the defense industry for the purposes of the war, but it also takes a long time to do so.

– Meanwhile, within two or three months, the Ukrainian army will solve most of the problems with the Russian troops stationed on the territory of Ukraine. Russia simply will not make it in time. Putin is already late. What (the Russians) are doing now, they should have been doing at least six months ago. And in real terms, even a year ago – assessed a military expert and a colonel in the reserve of the Ukrainian armed forces.

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