Ukraine. Putin’s greatest drama. A military expert asks: why did Russian soldiers flee?

The greatest drama of President Vladimir Putin is that Russia – since the outbreak of the armed invasion of Ukraine – has not been able to send an army exceeding Ukrainians to the front, at least in terms of numbers, writes the well-known Ukrainian military expert Yuri Butusov.

“With money you can hire people to kill. But you can’t hire people to die for your country. Putin’s greatest drama is that after seven months a huge Russia it is unable to send an army larger than the Ukrainians to the front, at least in terms of numbers. Russia is great, but there are no people willing to fight, “Yuri Butusov, a well-known Ukrainian military expert and editor-in-chief of, assessed in a Wednesday post on Facebook. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

The analyst noted that in seven months of aggression on Ukraine the authorities in the Kremlin have still not been able to explain to the Russians why they have to die from the HIMARS missile or the CEASAR missile in the vicinity Balaklija (recently liberated from the hands of the occupiers – ed.).

Duplicating the thesis on “Russian National Duty”

“Russian propaganda repeats the thesis about ‘Russian national duty’, just as 40 years ago it was said about ‘Soviet international duty’ in Afghanistan“- wrote Yuri Butusov. In his opinion, Russian services, which accuse” Banderites “of” torture over the Russian-speaking population “, are afraid to answer the main question: why did the soldiers and officers of the 1st Guards Tank Army fled after four days of the Ukrainian offensive near Balaklija, abandoning hundreds of pieces of military equipment?

“You can withdraw in a war, but what does the ‘Second World Army’ think, leaving most of its weapons to the enemy and running to the rear with nothing?” – asks Butusov.

Ukrainian flag in the village of Ternowe, near the border with Russia Telegram service / Andrij Jermak

“Russia will fight a long time”

Writing about the forecasts, the expert assessed that Russia may announce a general mobilization, but – as he said – “with low motivation it will be tantamount to failure”. “First, a mass flight and emigration of people will begin. Second, Russia does not have the weapons, communications, equipment and transport to mobilize millions. Third, Russia has already forced the forcibly mobilized into the occupied territories, which has led to enormous losses. but those forcibly mobilized never became an army capable of holding the front and moving forward, “wrote Butusov.

“Russia will fight for a long time because it has accumulated a lot of ammunition and military equipment over the decades. But a state that tries to motivate slaves to fight someone else’s freedom will never defeat a nation that can mobilize,” added the analyst.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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