Ukraine. Kateryna, wife of the Azov regiment commander: he was deported to Russia

The wife of the regiment commander Azov Denys Prokopenko, Kateryna, said in an interview with the Ukrainian television portal Suspilne that her husband was transferred to Russia. The interviewee referred to reports from Russian media. She stipulated that this information had not been confirmed by other sources. Prokopenko, like other Mariupol’s defenders, is in Russian captivity.

– I only know that he was deported to Russia, but this is not yet confirmed. I found out about Denys’s whereabouts from the Russian media. The state structures do not confirm this to me definitively, because it is difficult to confirm anything here. I am aware that Russia has hidden the command, is hiding other soldiers and officers and is not revealing where they are, Kateryna told the Ukrainian TV channel Suspilne. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

The Red Cross is “not involved at all”

The woman emphasized that informing about her husband’s whereabouts belongs to the Red Cross, but so far has not received such information. She added that the Red Cross sometimes calls families and informs about the whereabouts of Ukrainian prisoners, but these are rare cases. However – as she mentioned – there is no news about their health, food, conditions of detention, whether they are tortured or have medical care.

Denys Prokopenko. Photo from May 4

Russia wants to put Mariupol’s defenders before a “tribunal”. The Ukrainian authorities are appealing to prevent this from happening

– As we have seen from the example of the Olenivka tragedy, the Red Cross is not involved at all. I do not know what they are doing and why they exist – said Kateryna Prokopenko.

In the camp in Olenivka, on the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DRL), where, among others, prisoners from the Azov regiment were held, there was an explosion on the night of July 28-29behind which, according to the Ukrainian army, Russian troops were standing. According to the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, at least 40 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 130 injured as a result of the explosion.

“I don’t go to a psychologist”

Speaking about her mental state, Kateryna said that “she does not take sedatives and does not see a psychologist.” – I rarely dream of something, and if anything, it is that I save [Denysa – przyp. red.]about the fact that I “get” him out of Azvostal by some tricks, about the fact that as a result of some special operation, he manages to leave Moscow.

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