Ukraine. Igor Girkin “Strelkov” detained in Crimea, he wanted to fight in Ukraine, the media reports

Former “defense minister” of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Igor Girkin, was detained in the occupied Crimea. He had false documents with him, he wanted to go to war in Ukraine – informed the portal Novosti Donbassa. These reports were confirmed by Oleksiy Arestovich, adviser to President Zelensky, who said that “Girkin has already been allowed to enter the Kherson region.” Girkin, also known under the pseudonym “Strelkov”, criticized Moscow for its strategy in the war with Ukraine. He argued that “the Russian defeat is obvious.”

The pro-Ukrainian website Nowosti Donbassa wrote on Saturday that Girkin “shaved his mustache”, took a false identity document with him (in the name of Sergei Runov) and tried to enter Ukraine. However, he was detained in the occupied Crimea, reported the portal’s journalists, citing information published on Russian channels on the Telegram website. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

Girkin’s associate, Aleksander Żuczkowski, currently staying in Moscow, who once fought in the ranks of pro-Russian separatists in Donbas against Ukrainian forces, confirmed these reports. He assured that “Girkin had no political goals and did not intend to cause confusion in Novorossiysk [Federacyjna Republika Noworosji, nieistniejący już związek polityczny dwóch separatystycznych tak zwanych republik ludowych, donieckiej i ługańskiej – przyp. red.]and the fact that he cannot get to the front is a great political crime. “

Igor Girkin. Archival photo EPA / PHOTOMIG

The photo of the identity document that Girkin was supposed to use when entering the Crimea, published on Telegram channels, shows that it was released in May 2015. Earlier, investigative journalists from the international group Bellingcat and the independent Russian portal The Insider reported that in 2014-2016 Girkin, a former colonel of the Federal Security Service (FSB), using the pseudonym Strelkov, used a false identity document issued by Russian special services.

“It is unlikely that an experienced and well-known FSB officer would use false documents [w czasie obecnego wjazdu do Ukrainy – przyp. red.]if he did not have any guarantees or reached agreements “- wrote the Nowosti Donbassa portal, citing reports from Telegram channels.

Publication about Girkin on the Nowosti Donbass website

Criticism of the authorities in the Kremlin

The advisor to the office of the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, Oleksiy Arestovich confirmed in an interview with lawyer Mark Fejgin (who in the past defended famous Russian oppositionists) that Girkin actually tried to enter Ukraine and was arrested in Crimea. – According to some reports, Girkin has already been released and allowed to fight in the Kherson region. So we have a chance to see this “heroic” figure somewhere near Snihuriwka [miasta na południu Ukrainy, gdzie toczą się walki – przyp. red.] – Arestowicz ironically quoted by the Ukrainian UNIAN agency.

Before that, Girkin had repeatedly criticized the authorities Russia for strategy in the war with Ukraine. In May this year, he stated that the Russians “missed the golden days” during which a “blitzkrieg” or “lightning war” could be carried out.

Girkin also argued that “the Russian defeat is obvious”. On Friday, an entry appeared on his Telegram channel in which he repeated this statement. “The failure of the Russian military strategy in Ukraine is obvious. Therefore, I have three suggestions: shoot the entire Politburo, repaint the Kremlin in yellow and blue colors. [ukraińskiej flagi – red.]start implementing a proven strategy of retreat to Moscow and Stalingrad. “” To start a serious fight – I won’t even stutter anymore – it would be an attack on the sacred, “added the Donetsk separatist.

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