Ukraine has received more helicopters. Latvia handed over the Mi-17 and Mi-2

Latvia handed over to the Ukrainian Air Force two Mi-17 helicopters and two more Mi-2 helicopters. The Latvian Minister of Defense, Artis Pabriks, emphasized that the support for Ukraine by Western countries should not end. We remind you what helicopters are and what their capabilities are.

Two Mi-17 helicopters and two Mi-2 helicopters were delivered to the Ukrainian Air Force in a partially disassembled form. In addition, the machines were previously repainted, and one of the Mi-17s has undergone renovation, as reported by the Militarnyj service. The helicopters will soon strengthen the Ukrainian fleet and allow for further air operations.

More helicopters for Ukraine

Mi-17 (in the NATO Hip code) is a medium-sized, Soviet, twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also function as a combat helicopter. The designation Mi-17 is used for machines intended for export, and the Russian armed forces refer to them as the Mi-8MT. The helicopter is a development of the Mi-8. It includes, among others larger Klimov TV3-117MT turboshaft engines, as well as rotors and gears developed for the Mi-14, along with hull upgrades for heavier loads.

The helicopter on board can transport a crew of three and 24 soldiers or 12 stretchers, or a load weighing up to 4,000. kg. Its maximum speed is 250 km / h and the range is 465 km. The basic armament of the helicopter is 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns. The Mi-17 can carry up to 1,500 kg of weapons, including free-falling guided bombs, rockets and guided missiles, e.g. the 9M17P Scorpion and 9K114 Assault anti-tank missile.

The Mi-2 (in the NATO Hoplite code) is a medium-sized, Soviet multi-role helicopter that works well both as a transport helicopter and as close air support. The machine on board can accommodate eight passengers or a load weighing 700 kg. Additionally, it has the ability to carry an external load weighing about 800 kg. The Mi-2 can travel at a maximum speed of 200 km / h, and its range is 440 km.

In armed helicopter The Mi-2 features one 23mm NS-23 cannon and four 7.62mm PK machine guns mounted in pairs on outriggers on either side of the hull. It is also worth mentioning that the machine developed by Mikhail Mil’s design bureau has never been mass-produced in the USSR. The Mi-2 was manufactured in Poland, at the WSK “PZL-Świdnik” factory in Świdnik.

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Karolina Modzelewska, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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