Ukraine fires “agitation missiles”. The Russians are not dying, but they learn how to surrender

“Donbass resident! Russians use you as meat cannonball! (…) You don’t need this war! Surrender to the Ukrainian armed forces. Ukraine guarantees you amnesty and security! “ – says the leaflet. It also includes instructions on how to signal your intention to surrender.

Leaflets “is one of the ways of informing the enemy in areas where there is no internet” she said on Sunday Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malarquoted by the Ukrainian Truth portal.

“They move fast and shoot”

The artillery troops delivering the leaflets work very much like the combat troops. They move quickly to avoid being located by the enemy. They go out in the field several times a day to reach many places. They shoot in such a way that the leaflets scatter over the target, on the largest possible surface.

Malar stated that the soldiers were giving the Russian military “last chance”to give up. Otherwise, she warned, “only death awaits them on Ukrainian soil”.

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