Ukraine. A bunker for passengers was built in Kharkiv at the bus stop

The first shelter for public transport passengers was built at one of the bus stops in Kharkiv. Almost 50 people will be able to hide in it at the same time – reported the Suspilne service. Ultimately, 25 such facilities are to be erected in the city that is under constant fire from the Russians.

There is a monitoring camera in the bunker that allows you to observe the situation on a nearby street, as well as a supply of sand that could be used to extinguish a possible fire. On the outer wall there is an inscription “Kharkiv – city-hero”.

Shelter at the public transport stop in KharkivPAP / EPA / SERGEY KOZLOV

Such reinforced concrete safe stops will be built in 25 locations in Kharkiv. They will also allow you to wait out the anti-aircraft alarm – informed the mayor of the city, Ihor Terekhov, quoted on Friday by Suspilne.

Russians are shooting civilians in Kharkiv

In mid-May, there were reports of the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive north of Kharkiv and the pushing back of Russian troops 3-4 km from the territory Russia. Later, however, the invaders regained several footholds in the Kharkiv region, which allowed them to resume air and artillery fire at the city.

Shelter at the public transport stop in KharkivPAP / EPA / SERGEY KOZLOV

Civilians have been killed in attacks on Kharkiv’s residential districts since then, including public transport stops. At least 17 people died as a result of rocket strikes on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

Kharkiv, the second largest city Ukrainebefore the invasion of nearly 1.5 million people, it is located about 40 kilometers from the border with Russia.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / SERGEY KOZLOV

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