UFC: Jose Aldo made his career decision. A certain stage of MMA is over

Aldo fought in the featherweight division for the best part of his career and was undoubtedly a dominant player in this category. The Brazilian won fight after fight and was considered an unbeatable fighter. In 2015, however, there was a legendary clash between Jose Aldo and the rising star of the federation, Conor McGregor.

A blow that stopped Aldo’s beautiful career

After many months of announcements, media meetings and conferences, both players faced each other in a cage. To my great surprise, the announced duel lasted only thirteen seconds. McGregor took a mighty blow on Aldo’s head, and Aldo fell to the mat like a lightning strike. Then Aldo lost the only one in this weight class and lost his championship belt.

There is no doubt that this fight left an imprint on the Brazilian’s career, who never again returned to the UFC summit despite having had the opportunity to do so. As it turns out, some blows not only end individual duels, but also break the greatest careers.

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