UFC and KSW judges about the controversial interruption in the fight between Janikowski and Breese

At KSW 74, which took place on September 10, the fight between Damian Janikowski and Tom Brees was interrupted in controversial circumstances. Now the group of experts commenting on this situation has been joined by renowned judges: Łukasz Bosacki (UFC, ACA, KSW) and Cezary Wojciechowski (UFC, KSW).

In the “RULES MEETING MMA PODCAST 93” program, judge Łukasz Bosacki and Cezary Wojciechowski discussed the KSW 74 gala, including the unfortunate interruption in the fight between Janikowski and Breese. Judge Tomasz Bronder, seeing that the Pole is in the finishing technique (guillotine), first raised the player’s hand to check that he did not sail away. Damian gave the referee a thumbs up, but a second later he slapped his opponent on the back. This is where huge controversy arises. For the judge, this hand movement meant tapping out. Damian Janikowski, on the other hand, explained that he tried to fasten the buckle after the judge raised his hand up. Judge Cezary spoke first about this situation and the broadcast:

Damian Janikowski found himself in a highly disadvantageous position, he was caught in the finishing technique by his opponent. He was under his opponent. At some point – I think everyone has seen it many times, and if not, check it out because it’s full of it on the Internet – various things started to happen there. Judge Tomasz Bronder, in order to see if everything is okay with the player, grabbed his hand – because that’s what you do if you cannot see the face, head when the player is choked (…) I would call it a communication error between the player and the referee. Damian Janikowski made various gestures. They were interpreted by Thomas Bronder as surrender. The judge stopped the fight.

KSW judge Cezary Wojciechowski, continuing the monologue, admitted that in his opinion Damian Janikowski with his gestures could have suggested Tomasz Bronder that he was giving up. He added later that the truth can no longer be found, because the only person in the world who really knows if Damian Janikowski has tapped is himself.

I, in the position of Tomasz Bronder, would also interpret these “activities” that Damian Janikowski performed and would stop this fight. – added Cezary Wojciechowski at the end.

Judge Łukasz Bosacki said that it is not a judge’s role to interpret whether a given technique is based on 100% or only 20%. He explained this by the fact that many times the player taps off what would seem to be a technique that has no right to surrender. He cut short comments suggesting that the referee should know if the competitor is in danger or can safely survive the finishing technique and that he is safe.

I think if I were in Tomasz Bronder’s shoes I would have done exactly the same. This is a message for the fighters – if you use your hand in a fight and tap your opponent, you will lose. It is said during briefings, just one pat is enough, because this pat is quite sufficient. This was the case with Rajewski vs Desmae, one tap and the fight was interrupted, Różal vs Pudzian, one tap, the fight was interrupted.

The whole to be heard below:

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