Ubisoft in a higher price standard? Unfortunately, you have to get used to …

There is a lot of controversy in the video game industry today. I am even tempted to say that today there are more things that cause agitation (in a negative sense) than those that are positive. However, this is the case when you need to please a very large group of people, and at the same time remember to optimize the company’s financial results as much as possible. And just …

Staying with money – they usually cause the most noise. Especially recently, when there has been an increase in price standards. Sony was the first to do it on a large scale when we entered the new generation, and more and more publishers started to follow them. It can even be said that each year there are new ones who follow this example.

Ubisoft has caught on to this trend recently and it obviously caused a huge stir among the players. Is it any wonder? Well, unfortunately not. And this topic I would like to deal with in the pages of today’s text. Let’s start by outlining the whole situation, then let’s get to where this could lead to, and finally try to predict in which direction everything is going. Do not drag – to the point!

Ubisoft increases prices!

There was quite a lot of high-profile news in the video game industry on the air last week. There were reports of new productions in Game Pass, fresh announcements, several interesting premieres of films and series … There was a lot of itand yet one of the loudest news was the one related to Ubisoft’s price increase.

What is it about? As we read last week, “Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, spoke to Axios and announced the official entry into a new pricing standard during an interview – a company representative emphasized that we would buy large AAA games for $ 70.” The man added that this is to maintain the same level as the competition.

And theoretically, this approach can be understood – after all, we are talking about a situation where nobody wants to be left behind. The rules on the market are simple – if you stand still, in practice it backs up. And that’s what Ubisoft probably wants to avoid. On the other hand … Let’s be honest – we are not naive and probably everyone is well aware of the fact that this is just idle talk. The facts are that money rules the world.

It is no different in this case as well. I have no doubt that Ubisoft was just waiting for a good moment. Despite everything, I have doubts whether they actually chose one. Before the next Far Cry, people would accept it somehow, and so will Assassin’s Creed, but … it is not something that allows for understanding from the players.

Do we have to get used to it?

And at this point, one very important question arises … Do we have to get used to this state of affairs? Well, one would like to say that we don’t have to do anything. And it’s true – which I’ll get to next. Nevertheless, there are currently many indications that we must accept it purely as a consumer. The prices of everything are going up, and while we don’t necessarily like it, it’s just something that is difficult to react to sensibly.

Let’s make an appointment – wallet voting has never been successful in the gaming industry. Why? Because it has not yet been possible to organize it on such a large scale that it would translate into actual results. But I’m never going to say never. Maybe it will work out someday, and then we will all benefit from it in our own way. Nevertheless, the situation is unlikely to change at the moment.

So do we have to get used to it? Well, for increased prices, probably yes. Nevertheless, we certainly don’t have to get used to paying such amounts of money for them. Although the premiere rates are rising, one thing does not change in the gaming industry – our favorite pop culture works get cheap very quickly. And I personally recommend that you use it. After all, let’s agree – in such an excess of goods, you absolutely do not have to go with the crowd and play every title on the day of your debut.

What will the future hold?

Yes, this paragraph about the future again … I know how many people don’t like it, but when we come into such topics, there’s just no way to skip it. Okay – how can it finally be? In my opinion, the increases in games will spread more widely. And apart from the fact that AAA games will normally cost over PLN 300, probably AA and independent product prices will also soar (although here, of course, depends on the scale).


You know, inflation is not sleeping, and earning is nice. However, I have a strange feeling that these will be prices that will affect only the greatest enthusiasts of given brands. And by this I mean that the promotions will continue, probably the prices after a few weeks or months (and sometimes days) will start to fall to an acceptable state – the same as it is functioning now. After all, let’s agree, if someone is a huge fan of a brand, it does not matter to him whether he will pay 300 or 400 zlotys. These are the facts.

It remains for us to hope that eventually lifting the ship will hit the glass ceilingand then bounces off it, falling. This limit has to be somewhere in the end, so either we will believe that once it has been reached, prices will start to fall, or we have to count that we will never reach it, and prices will stop rising exorbitantly. Anyway, remember that not all titles have to be played from day one. Simply put – let’s take the fun of the industry, not stress.

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