Two suicides because of the events before the Champions League final

The May Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool was delayed by problems with English supporters reaching the Stade de France and incidents outside the venue where there were massive rallies of stuck Liverpool fans and crimes involving local people who took advantage of organizational problems. Recently, The Guardian published the results of his investigation on the matter via interactive article.

L’Équipe reports that two Liverpool supporters committed suicide as a result of these events. Investigations are ongoing, but both people also witnessed the events of 1989 in Hillsborough, where 97 fans died due to bad organization and panic. The Redswho were crushed and strangled by a panicked crowd.

Peter Scarfe, president Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance, confirmed that at least 150 people who remembered the Hillsborough events were present at the match in Paris. He emphasizes that the situation at the Stade de France, with its crowds and panic, was reminiscent of more than 30 years ago. This was to lead to the trauma of a 52-year-old and 63-year-old person who, in his opinion, committed suicide. The first one was a week after the game, and the second one last week.

UEFA is expected to publish the results of an independent report on the events surrounding this final in late autumn. The Guardian in another article he said that the Federation had expected problems with the fans reaching the facility and prepared a message about the delay in the start of the match for this reason before the match. The French authorities mainly blame the English fans for the chaos.

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