Twitch: The platform star is expecting a gambling ban

Recently, on Twitch a lot is going on. Popular categories that only a few moments ago were on candlesticks – that is, those in which half-naked streamers in swimming pools or practicing the so-called ASMR may be a melody of the past.

Currently, the topic of gambling and streamers who play in Poker, roulette, Black Jack or any other productions bearing the signs of gambling. In addition, many of these developers have entered into lucrative contracts with online casino owners – for sums of thousands and even millions. Many artists object to this practice.

They regularly raise this issue, expecting the platform managers to sort out the problem. Recently, she gave her opinion on this subject “Pokimane“- one of the biggest Twitch stars without dividing into categories. The woman expressed her position in very clear words.

The streamer said her opinion on Twitter. She wrote there that she thought the gambling was on Twitch should be banned. The main argument of opponents in this discussion is usually the fact that Twitch is mostly visited by underage viewers who, according to their opinion, cannot gamble.

Creators advertising this type of activity usually mention it, but the distaste remains. However, such statements from the big stars of may effectively put pressure on the platform’s authorities to slightly modify the regulations so that such a procedure will not take place anymore.

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