TVP “news” about the defect at the National Stadium. Mentioned … Madonna

TVP “news” about the defect at the National Stadium. Mentioned … Madonna

According to the statement posted on the PGE Narodowy website, during the standard, annual technical inspection of the steel structure of the roof, a defect in one of the elements of the steel-rope structure was revealed.

TVP “news” about the defect at the National Stadium. “Big feat”

One of the materials in the main issue of Saturday’s “Wiadomości” was devoted to this. – The Polish football team will play a match against Chile at the Legia Warszawa stadium, and not, as previously planned at the National Stadium. All because of a crack in the roof structure. The facility was closed until further notice and once again became a topic in public discussion – announced the material “Failure of the flagship investment of the PO-PSL government”, hosted by Michał Adamczyk.

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The author of the material, Adrian Borecki, started it by saying that “the fans are disgusted” and that “Robert Lewandowski may forget about the next goals at the National Stadium”. He stressed that the National Stadium is “a flagship investment of Donald Tusk’s government”.

Quoting Tusk, proud of the Stadium, was said about “shame”. – There was a shame before the stadium opened, half a year delay and a structural defect of the stairs – it was pointed out, not to mention the thousands of events successfully organized at the site.

The case from 10 years ago was returned, i.e. the problems with the much-expected sponsor Madonna’s concert. – The losses of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism were a big achievement, as much as PLN 5 million at the Madonna concert in 2012 – the roof failure, famous and repeatedly used by “Wiadomości”, was added. TVP called it “embarrassment”.

The current defect at the National Stadium was used by Polish Television to put forward the thesis that “today we see how the PO-PSL governments operated.” – A fluff is chasing a fluff – Anna Krupka from PiS thundered in an interview with “Wiadomości”.

Defect at the National Stadium: the minister has called a crisis management team

“In connection with the detection of the defect, after immediately obtaining the recommendation of the constructor of the structure in question, SBP based in Stuttgart, and its contractor, the Italian company Cimolai, as well as on the recommendation of experts and for safety reasons, the operator of PGE Narodowy decided to temporarily shut down the stadium from use “- informed.

– A defect in the steel structure of the PGE National Stadium makes it impossible to use this facility – confirmed on Friday the minister of sport and tourism, Kamil Bortniczuk. – We decided to close the National Stadium immediately – he added. He also noted that he had convened a crisis management team in this matter.

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