Turkey. The 3-year-old died left in a hot car. Dad went for a drink

Sifeddin Malahafji came to Adana, Turkey for a wedding. He was accompanied by his wife Hiba and their 3-year-old son. The man also wanted to visit his brother. Little Badr Alddin Malahafji insisted that his father take him with him.

He parked the car in the shade

The suspected 34-year-old took his son with him. He testified that he parked the car in the shade and left the window slightly ajar, because the child was asleep and did not want to wake him up. Then he went out with his brother for a drink.

– When I left the house, my son ran to me crying because he wanted to come with me. I parked in the shade and went to visit my brother at his workplace. I just didn’t want to wake my son up and left the windows open a bit, he told local media.

Sifeddin returned 30 minutes later. His son was here unconscious and did not respond to any stimuli. The terrified father called an ambulance to the place. Unfortunately, the 3-year-old could not be saved. He died on the spot.

No charges were brought against the boy’s parents. After giving their testimony, they returned home. Local media reports that Sifeddin greatly regretted what he had done, and when his son’s body was returned to his family, he burst into tears and fell to the ground.

– God don’t let anyone feel this pain. This is a very sad situation. Father goes to brother. When he returns after half an hour, and at the latest an hour, he sees his son lying motionless, the 34-year-old told the media.

The temperature in the car in which the boy slept was at least 37 degrees C.

Source: “Daily Mail”

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