Tsubasa will go to Netflix in Poland! We know the release date

All fans of the series “Captain Hawk” can get ready to watch. Netflix has added a production to its catalog and the premiere is to take place next month.

“Captain Hawk” or, if you prefer, “Tsubasa” is a cult series in Poland, about which each new message is very popular. Currently, we cannot legally read all anime episodes in Poland, but apparently everything will change soon.

Radosław Koch from Hype Train – the attraction to pop culture came across an excellent curiosity – “Tsubasa” has been added to Polish Netflix. The story is set to debut on October 15!

“This is the announcement I found in the English interface of Polish Netflix -” Captain Tsubasa “from 2001 is supposed to be available from October 15th.

Netflix does not reveal many details at the moment, but Tomokazu Seki, who appeared in the 1995 series “Captain Tsubasa J” (Ken Wakashimazu) and in “Captain Hawk” from 2002 (Tsubasa Oozora), appears among the actors. Kikuko Inoue played the young Tsubasa (“Captain Tsubasa”, 2001), and Kenichi Suzumura worked on “Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002” (Genzō Wakabayashi) and “Captain Tsubasa” (Genzō Wakabayashi, 2018).

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