Trade unions want trade to be restored on Sundays, but at a higher wage

Trade unions call for the resumption of trade every Sunday. However, it is not about Solidarity, which resulted in the adoption of trade restrictions, but about the Union Alternative. According to them, at a time of an abrupt increase in inflation, the act is increasingly harmful to employees, but above all to customers. That is why they call for the restoration of trade in exchange for a higher salary, not only in shops, but also in other industries, such as gastronomy, entertainment and transport.

– According to the law in force, thousands of shops are open on Sundays, where wages are the lowest, working hours are the longest and goods are the most expensive. The law in its current form supports the lowest-paid segment of the labor market, and at the same time forces consumers to shop in small local shops or gas stations, where the prices of goods are very high. In practice, the current regulations prohibit trading mainly in shopping malls and hypermarkets, where working conditions are much better than in small stores, and the prices of goods are lower, say representatives Alternative relationship.
Let us remind you that the ban does not apply in stores where the owner himself serves, as well as at gas stations, bakeries, confectioneries and ice cream parlors, and in points trade, in which the predominant activity is trade in the press, public transport tickets, tobacco products, coupons for games of chance and betting.

Alternative trade unions call for the rejection of the current law and its replacement with a radical increase in salaries for work on Sundays and public holidays. They propose that all retail outlets should pay employees at least 2.5 times higher wages for work on Sundays and public holidays than for work on weekdays. In this way, only stores that would significantly increase wages for employees would be open on Sundays. All other facilities would remain closed.

– At the same time, we believe that higher rates for work on Sundays and public holidays should apply not only to trade, but also to the entire labor market. That is why we propose that 2.5 times higher rates for work on Sundays and holidays should also apply to transport, health care, police, energy, entertainment and gastronomy employees, add trade unionists from the Alternative.
Trade Union Alternative is a nationwide trade union that can admit natural persons as well as existing trade unions, and these have over 20 members from various companies and institutions.

Let us remind you. Sunday trading restrictions have been gradually introduced since 2018. Initially, customers could shop on two Sundays each month. Every year there were fewer and fewer trading Sundays. This year, only 7, and 5 are behind us (30 January, 10 and 24 April, 26 June, 28 August). This year we have two trading Sundays, i.e. December 11 and 18.


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