Towbar. Is it profitable to buy a used towbar? We clear up doubts

Buying car accessories is very often associated with a dilemma – choose a brand new element or decide on a used component? Steinhof experts can tell you which towbar decision is the best.

Today, more and more cars are already factory-fitted towbar and it is standard equipment. However, when buying a used car, you have to take into account that you have to add the towball yourself. In this situation, is it profitable to look for a used towbar to save some money?

The biggest disadvantage of each used part is that we practically do not know what the history of using that particular unit looked like. In the case of towbars, they are most often removed from accident vehicles and sold separately. As a rule, there are no relevant documents that can build a credible history of this component.

Checking the real story for a specific towbar is very difficult, and indeed downright impossible. Dishonest sellers indulge in a number of reprehensible practices. You can often find welded towing hooks and straightened by unskilful methods. Moreover, we do not know what load this hook worked under, which has a key impact on safety.

Advertisements on the Internet as well as used towing hooks available at some dismantling stations show that they do not have a manufacturer’s nameplate. It is often broken or illegible, which makes it impossible to legally transport the ball of the towbar on public roads. Nobody will legalize this accessory in our vehicle, so the entry about the towbar will not appear in the vehicle registration certificate.

The only case in which the purchase of a used towbar can be considered is when we have the manufacturer’s data plate, documentation, all necessary parts needed to attach the towbar to our vehicle and the certainty that the tow ball structure corresponds to the factory parameters. Finding such a copy at a very attractive price is a real opportunity that is extremely rare, and still carries a lot of risk.

Excessive pursuit of saving money can be fatal. The difference in the price of a brand new towbar compared to the used ones available online is not worth the possible trouble in legalizing and using this component – says Mariusz Fronal from Steinhof’s technical department.

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