“Total collapse”. Putin cancels his meeting with the generals after the army’s worst defeat since the beginning of the war

The Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday described what was happening as “subversive actions” and the planned withdrawal of troops. But this is unlikely to suit President Vladimir Putin. He has postponed meetings with the management of the Ministry of Defense and representatives of the defense industry, said his spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“As the special military operation develops (the Russian authorities from the beginning of the attack on Ukraine refuse to call their actions war and talk about conducting a” special operation “- ed.), Some experiences are gained that need to be discussed” – he explained, adding that meetings are necessary .

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The retreat of the Russian army from Izium and Kupiansk is a “total collapse,” said Phillips O’Brien, professor of strategic studies at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

“More troops were probably stationed there than anywhere else in connection with the Battle of Donbass, and now it seems they can’t hold anything there,” explains O’Brien.

Due to the failure of the army, referenda on the annexation of the territories occupied by Ukraine were postponed again for an indefinite period, Meduza said, citing sources close to the presidential administration.

Initially scheduled for May, then postponed to September, and then to November, the referenda were postponed “until later,” said one of the newspaper’s interlocutors.

According to another, political technicians sent to the Kharkiv and Zaporizhia oblasts to prepare for the vote were “ordered to return home,” a Medusa source said.

Following the successful counterattack, the Ukrainians will now have “their own logistical problems: they will have to supply all the units now scattered across the territory” occupied by the offensive in the Kharkiv area, O’Brien says. “But the Russians will have problems stabilizing the front line,” he continues. So the situation will be chaotic for a while, until a new front line begins to emerge.

Source:The Moscow Times

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