Top of the Top Sopot Festival. Internet users have a Cleo appearance! “Tragedy”. It is not the end

Cleo is today one of the most popular and busy artists in the country. No wonder then that TVN he could not imagine that it would be missing during the Sopot festival. Joanna Klepko, because really called became a star, she performed at the “I Dance” concert. She sang “Za Krokiem Krok” and the latest single “Żywioły”. Unfortunately, her performances were not considered successful. Rightly?

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Cleo’s quick shots. Will Doda or Edyta Górniak?

Cleo massacred her songs? “Let him sing better for Media Expert”

The summer season is for Cleo the most intense time of the year. The star plays two concerts a day, and it also happens that she can visit three different cities within 24 hours. That is why she uses the helicopter facility, for which she has been hit a bit recently – you can read about it HERE. So it’s a miracle that she found a free date on August 17 to perform at the Forest Opera during the TV festival.

Massacre … That’s why I don’t watch this festival. Let Cleo sing for Media Expert, she’s good there. Embarrassment and misunderstanding.

Disco polo in a women’s edition, poured with a kind of Western sauce. All in all, the dish is not very digestible.

It turned out a bit poorly.

Internet users massacre Cleo's performanceInternet users massacre Cleo’s performance screen FB

Under the same entry, there were opinions that Agnieszka Chylińska performed well on stage and Natasza Urbañska. But there were also voices from loyal Cleo fans who said that “they like her songs and at least clearly pronounce the words.” And how did you like the performances of Klepko? You can watch one of them below.

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