TOP 3 trouser designs for fall 2022. Beautiful, comfortable, for just PLN 39.99

Pants are an extremely important element of the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. We suggest what styles prevail this fall! This fashion season we focus on elegance and comfort, which we combine with a hint of color madness.

Comfortable classic

Do you value comfort, but at the same time you want to combine it with elegance? The ideal solution are straight pants, often flared downwards. Incredibly shape the figure and beautifully emphasize the waist.

Fortunately, there are many such pants on sale, which can surprise you with their distinctive color. If you prefer calmer tones, this the Reserved offer is especially worth paying attention towhere you will find loose pants high waisted in shades of beige, uniform, no patterns.

A note of madness

Do not be afraid of the original patterns on the pants, as they are a hit this season! Animal motifs will add a twist to your everyday stylizations, and vintage patterns will diversify every outfit. If you prefer to use expressive, but slightly subdued cuts, then we encourage you to choose a classic grille. Such models fit beautifully into the autumn aura. In Mohito, you will get patterned pants for 39.99 PLN.

In addition, an inherent advantage of patterned pants is the advantageous emphasis on the legs and covering the protruding tummy.

Jeans for every occasion

Classic jeans never come out with fashionso it’s always worth having it in your wardrobe! This fall, we encourage you to choosing styles with straight and long legs. Exposed ankles and tubes are replaced by culottes and flares. Such jeans are extremely feminine and fit any occasion.

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