Tomasz Raczek bitterly about Sopot. “I won’t give it a second chance”

Tomasz Raczek, a film critic and journalist, shared his impressions of watching on social media Top of The Top Sopot Festival. He revealed that he had “an ancient instinct to have a” song festival “under the slogan of the Sopot Festival” in the second half of August, and watched broadcasts from the Forest Opera.

Raczek he admitted that this year it was not a pleasant experience. “Yesterday, this reflex cost me a lot of nerves. The bizarre idea of ​​mixing information about the war and misfortunes with lopsided covers of Polish and foreign songs first made me consternate, and then, as the performances were getting more and more catastrophic, began to evoke a growing need for panic. escape “.

The critic added that he had not watched the entire concert. “After an hour I pressed the remote control and I did not see the rest of it” – he added.

“I also decided that I would not give this festival a second chance. I do not believe that something good can be produced in the constellation there. But I propose to let two trained dogs behind the scenes, who smell tourists’ luggage at airports every day. , and before going on stage to make this and that or that and that blow into a balloon. Maybe it will help a little: voices will become clearer, tones more stable, and eyes less glassy “- he concluded.

Commenting entry Tomasz Raczek on social media, they agreed that he was right. “I have identical feelings”, “it was embarrassing, it lost class”, “chaos” – these are just a few of the unfavorable comments about Sopot that appeared under the critic’s post.



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