Tomasz Orzechowski won a million in “Millionaires”

Monday’s “Millionaires” program began with the strongest accent viewers could imagine. At the beginning of the game show, Tomasz Orzechowski answered the question for a million, which was:

Who in the mid-nineteenth century composed the famous “Prayer of the Virgin”, a piece played in Europe, in the United States, but still the most popular in Japan today?

Four answers appeared before the player:

  • A – Franz Liszt of Raiding
  • B – Edward Grieg from Bergen
  • C – Robert Schumann from Zwickau
  • D – Tekla Badarzewska from Mława

Tomasz Orzechowski knew the correct answer. He marked variant D and won a million zlotys.

Tomasz Orzechowski from Łódź is an accountant, which appeared in three episodes of the program “Milionerzy”. It turns out that the player has previously participated in other game shows.

In 2020, he participated in the “Va Banque” program, in which he won 64 thousand. zloty. Orzechowski also appeared in the popular “1 of 10”. As one of the few participants in the history of the program, he knew the answers to almost all questions – he scored as much as 533 points, and Tadeusz Sznuk, the leader, ran out of questions.

As he told, “I treat quizzes as a sport, like jogging for the mind.”

Source: TVN, Plejada

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