Tired victory of the Polish champions. The captain’s injury spoils the fun

Tired victory of the Polish champions.  The captain’s injury spoils the fun

Tired victory of the Polish champions. The captain’s injury spoils the fun

And that’s as important as it is only group winners are guaranteed direct promotion to the top eight of the competition. The group runners-up and the best third-placed team will fight in the extra round. There are many indications that, despite the win over Karlovar, such a fate awaits ZAKS.

There are two Poles in the Czech team – Kevin Sasak and Lukasz Wiese. The latter was quickly impaled in an attack on the block Łukasz Kaczmarek. But it was the attacking champions of Poland who had bigger problems at the beginning of the set. Quickly and he was blocked, in the next attack he hit the ball into the net, in the next in the throw-in. The hosts were leading 8:4.

Worse, this advantage lasted for a long time. He was the leader of the attack Aleksander Śliwka, but the Czechs found a way for it as well. However, it was with the captain’s licks that ZAKSA reduced the losses to a point. And after a few minutes it was after his attack that led to a draw 22:22. In the end, however, the Kędzierzyn team made a mistake in reception and it was the hosts who won 25:23.

Aleksander Śliwka: I see this year as very positive. VIDEO/ /Polsat Sport/ /Polsat Sport

ZAKSA took control of the situation. Huber and Staszewski helped

In the first set, both Polish volleyball players from Karlovarsk scored four points each. In the second, finally those from ZAKS started to play better. The opening of the party was electrifying, the Kędzierzyn inhabitants took the lead 9:3. The greatest credit for this is the block game – already in the first 12 actions, the Polish champions scored four points with this element. He was especially great Norbert Huberat this stage of the match, the most effective player of ZAKS.

The Czechs, however, were still dangerous. He made a series of great plays Patrick Lamanec, the advantage of the visitors was reduced to two points. ZAKSA remained at the forefront, but rivals were one step ahead. In the end, however, Huber showed up again in the attack, Marcin Janusz flashed a single block and the Polish team won 25:21.

Volleyball Champions League. ZAKSA wins in the tie-break

In the fourth game, however, problems began again. The Czechs, who had nothing to lose, once again strengthened the service. They held a two-point lead before the end of the set. Nerves began on the Kędzierzyn side, the judges paid attention to, among others, Kaczmarek. After a while, there was even more cause for concern, because Jakub Ihnat hit the line of reception of the guests.

As if the problems weren’t enough, Śliwka got injured when he tried to intervene under the advertising band. He left the field with a limp, had to replace him Wojciech Zalinski. The Kędzierzyn team broke up again, but they lost 23:25.

In the fourth set ZAKS was plunged by mistakes. In the tie-break, the inhabitants of Kędzierzyn tried to avoid them. Finally, Lamanec made a mistake in the attack and the Polish team moved away by two points. It seemed to be the turning point of the set, because soon after the lead of the visitors increased even more. Only in the end the hosts once again almost caught up with the defending champions. Ultimately, however, the inhabitants of Kędzierzyn won 15:13 – in the last action the Czechs touched the net.

A win for two points means that ZAKSA may lose the chance of direct promotion to the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Wednesday. This will happen if Itas Trentino, the leader of Group E, wins by three points against Decospan VT Menen tonight.

VK CEZ Karlovarsko – Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Kozle 2:3 (25:23, 21:25, 18:25, 25:23, 13:15)

Karlovarsko: Sasak, Weir, Wiese, Keemink, Patocka, Jukhami – Pfeffer (libero) and Ihnat, Kasan, Lamanec, Zajicek

ZAKSA: Kaczmarek, Huber, Śliwka, Janusz, Smith, Staszewski – Shoji (libero) and Żaliński, Kluth

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Volleyball players of Grupa Azoty ZAKS Kędzierzyn-Koźle/ / /outer material

ZAKS volleyball players are happy after the action. In the foreground Norbert Huber/ /

CEZ Karlovarsko volleyball players/ /

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